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In the News...All this in Just the Last Few Days

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I'm a daily follower of the kidney transplant community, I read these stories every day. But many people don't realize the amazing events that are occurring day after day. Here's a brief look at the news of the past few days

• Heart recipient now receiving a kidney from mom.

• In New Jersey, a 22-month-old toddler gets a kidney, her father donates to an L.A. man in a five-way paired kidney exchange from the National Kidney Registry. www.kidneyregistry.org

• The 69-year-old Stoughton man underwent a successful kidney transplant on Thursday at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, thanks to the kindness and generosity of someone he met via the Internet.

• Woman who wasn’t compatible with nephew wanted to donate anyway…ends up connecting with a man through the Web site www.matchingdonors.com

• UCSF and Hackensack University Medical Center complete three more paired exchange transplants. This swap included our youngest transplant recipient (a one-year-old baby) and one of our oldest recipients (a 75-year-old man). This chain was started at Cornell in September and is on its 4th cluster.

• 1-year-old girl becomes the youngest recipient in the kidney donation chain.

• A USC surgeon, Dr. Inderbir Gill, removed the father's kidney, for his 8-year-old son through his belly button, a procedure that Gill pioneered.

• Three men and their moms are celebrating Valentine's Day with the gift of life. The men all stepped up to save their mothers' lives by donating a kidney.

• Customer donates kidney to a grocery store clerk.

There are, on average, 16 living kidney transplants EVERY DAY. These are the NORM, not the exception in the living transplant community.

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